Our hearts beat so loud the neighbours think we’re fucking when I’m just trying to find the nerve to touch your face.

—Andrea Gibson, “Pansies” (via jadewootton)

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Ashley Tisdale

—He Said She Said






Ashley Tisdale | He Said She Said
Headstrong (2007) 

That harpsichord in the beginning always slays me, never fails to blow my mind, she was so ahead of her time.

This was so scandalous when oiy came out

i still know all the words to this. a fuckin BOP if i ever heard one 

the fact that they made a “clean” version of this song for disney was hilarious

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The Jezabels

—Disco Biscuit Love


The Jezabels – Disco Biscuit Love

And it’s that heart of yours
It’s not your body that makes you ill

Tegan and Sara

—Call It Off

Call, break it off 
Call, break my own heart 
Maybe I would have been 
Something you’d be good at 
Maybe you would have been 
Something I’d be good at 
But now we’ll never know 

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